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Genres: Action, Sci-Fi

Publisher: Malibu

Writer: Gerard Jones

Artist: Ben Herrera

Publication date: July 1993 - February 1995

Status: Completed

Views: 27,423


The police chase after a teenage shoplifter into an alley, where they are confronted by a large being made of rock. The police officers shoot him, but to no avail. The rock being, Boomboy, knocks out the police officer and runs with the shoplifter, Anything, but are surrounded by more police officers. Pressure shows up and tries to blast the officers with her super power, but Anything takes the brunt of the blast on purpose. They continue to escape into the sewers. Anything thinks about his past, when he was a star football player in his high school. During a game, he was struck by surprise from a rival football player and his body was jolted into a completely liquid form. The incident caused him to run away. While the police ponder their next move, Boomboy, Anything and Pressure arrive at their safe haven and find a new person, Sweetface, waiting there. It is revealed that the four youths are all runaways and have been joined together by one person. That person, Plug, reveals himself through a television set and other electronic devices bound together that were laying about in the abandoned building. The police surround the building they are all in.

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