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Metal Men (1963)

Metal Men (1963)

Genres: Action, Adventure, Superhero

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Robert Kanigher

Artist: Ross Andru

Publication date: Apr/May 1963 - Feb/Mar 1978

Status: Completed

Views: 145,006


Doctor William Magnus, and his fantastic Metal Men, pose for "Picture World" magazine. The heat of the midday sun causes Mercury to elongate, stretching high into the sky. Hurriedly, Lead molds himself into a barrier, to protect Mercury from the heat of the sun. Platinum's amorous advances towards Magnus, prompts the famed inventor to consider donating her to a science museum. Platinum reminds Magnus of how that turned out the first time. When the museum staff had arrived to collect Platinum, she attacked them. Magnus had to order her to stand down, and accompany the staff quietly. In the museum, Platinum had desperately reached out to Magnus, pleading with her creator not to leave her.

Sensing the Metal Men's depression over Platinum's absence, Magnus had suggested taking the Jetaway out for a ride. Soaring over the city, Magnus spied meteorites plummeting into a giant gas storage tank. The meteorites' impact caused a massive explosion. Magnus, and the Metal Men, were pitched out of the Jetaway. Holding onto Mercury, Magnus was carried back up into the Jetaway. Tin attempted to seal the burning gas tank. The gas, though, burned hotter than Tin's melting point, reducing the humble Metal Man to slag. Lead also tried to seal the blazing container, and met the same fate. Iron and Gold were able to seal the tank, but both suffered horrendous damage.

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