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Silent Hill: Among the Damned

Silent Hill: Among the Damned

Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Video Games

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writer: Scott Ciencin

Artist: Shaun Thomas

Publication date: November 2004

Status: Completed

Views: 84,258


This comic tells the story of Jason a tormented soldier that wants to kill himself. He arrives at Silent Hill to have some food before going up to the mountains to kill himself.

Jason has an accident and he wakes inside his upside down car. When goes back to town to get help he is attacked by the monsters of his dreams. He runs and finds himself a pistol shop where he gets a shot gun and uses it against the creatures. He finds Dahlia in an amusement park and helps her escape from the monsters. She is wounded in the process. They are helped by Aaron, Jason’s dead friend from the military.

Dahlia and Jason retreat into a store where people are hiding were the demons can't enter because of some sacred signs painted in blood.

When daylight comes Jason and Dahlia leave the sanctuary to try to escape from the town. Soon they encounter the dead soldiers from Jason’s unit Aaron is calling out to Jason, telling him that it is time. Jason shoots him and runs with Dahlia. They go into a church were they are attacked by more monsters and Dahlia turns into a monster herself, yet she saves Jason, throwing him out of the church and she gives him her heart (literally). Outside Jason meets his soldier friends again. Aaron tells him that the reason that he’s alive is that Aaron made some sort of deal to exchange his life for the life of his friend so that Jason could go on.

Jason and Dahlia both leave Silent Hill and it is hinted that they might start a new life.


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