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Genres: Action, Adventure, Superhero

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Christina Z, David Wohl, Michael Turner

Artist: Michael Turner

Publication date: March 1997

Status: Completed

Views: 82,560


[Continued from BALLISTIC/WOLVERINE #1.]

In Top Cow's dimension, it's dawn, New Year's Eve, and Wolverine and Zoe Culloden find Times Square absolutely desolate; all the revelers from the night before vanished at midnight, part ofMephisto's plan to rule this universe.

Meanwhile, Sara Pezzini enters the offices of her police precinct to find things are not as she thinks they should be; Michael Yee, who was recently killed, appears, alive and well. Later, at Kenneth Irons' home, which was damaged in a recent battle, everything is whole, but certain details, such as artwork, don't seem right. There, she meets Ian Nottingham, whom she believed dead as well.

That evening, Sara and Ian go out to dinner, and Wolverine bursts in through a window to confront them. Ian draws two katanas and they fight until Sara tackles Wolverine. They then notice that the other restaurant patrons are oblivious to the chaos. Sara realizes all she's seen that day is illusion as Ian reveals himself to actually be Mephisto. Sara, now covered by the Witchblade, joins Wolverine in attacking the demon. Mephisto shrugs off Sara's blast as he tells her he intends to claim her soul.

[To be continued in WITCHBLADE/ELEKTRA #1.]


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