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The Occult Files of Doctor Spektor

The Occult Files of Doctor Spektor

Other name: Occult Files Of Dr. Spektor

Genres: Supernatural

Publisher: Gold Key

Writer: Don Glut

Artist: Dan Spiegle, Jesse Santos

Publication date: April 1973 - May 1982

Status: Completed

Views: 40,795


In Transylvania, a group of hooded men revive the vampire Baron Tibor (who had been laid to rest in "A Tree Grows in Transylvania" in Mystery Comics Digest #4). Miles away in America, Dr. Adam Spektor believes he has created a serum that will cure vampirism. He and his new secretary, Lakota Rainflower, set off for Transylvania to find the legendary Baron Tibor.

Spektor and Lakota are offered a ride to the Baron's castle by a coachman, who then attacks Spektor partway there and knocks him unconscious. Revealing himself as a member of the cult, the man and his fellow cultists take Lakota to the castle where she is to be sacrificed to the vampire.

Reviving and realizing what has happened, Spektor hurries to the castle. Meanwhile, Baron Tibor seems more confused than pleased on being offered Lakota. The Baron goes outside to think, where he encounters Spektor. The two scuffle briefly, with Tibor gaining the upper hand until Dr. Spektor produces a cross and holds Tibor at bay. The Baron relates to Spektor how he had been in the Hell of the Undead since his death, where he suffered unspeakable tortures for his vampire crimes. Further, he had sworn that if he ever returned to earth, he would atone for his sins, and that the cult control him with threats of destruction rather than the other way around...


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